City Council Goals - FY2012 and FY2013
(adopted Dec 13, 2011)

Introductory Statement

This year the City Council took a different approach to setting city goals. They used the information from the citizen satisfaction survey and the World Cafe as well as results from a roundtable discussion on the goals to set broad, overachieving goals for the next fiscal years. Instead of moving on to develop more specific objectives at that time, the City Council chose to develop that level of detail in a more collaborative way involving the City staff whose work encompasses the subject area of the particular goal. Especially in this time of continuing financial uncertainty and declining federal and state support, the City Council and the City's administrative staff need the flexibility and collaboration that will ensure that the City's most pressing needs are addressed in accordance with our highest civic aspirations. The goals were adopted by the City Council on December 13, 2011. These goals will guide the annual budget planning process.

Timothy J. Toomy, Co-Chair
Sam Seidel, Co-Chair
Government Operations and Rules Committee

Mission Statement

The City of Cambridge is dedicated to continuing to improve the quality of life for everyone in our community in an environment of excellence while maintaining a strong financial position including awareness of the impact on taxpayers.


• Foster Community and support Neighborhood Vitality. Support opportunities for citizens to participate and to know each other within their neighborhoods and across the city.

• Evaluate City expenditures with a view of maintaining a Strong Fiscal Position and awareness of the Impact on Taxpayers while providing a high quality array of city services.

• Strengthen and support Human Services, Public Education and Out of School Learning in Cambridge for the benefit of residents of all ages.

• Value and support the racial, socio-economic, cultural and religious Diversity of our city.

• Promote Public Safety and address the challenges and opportunities for multiple modes of transportation to safely share roads and sidewalks.

• Promote a Healthy Community and Environment to advance Cambridge as a leader in public health and environmental sustainability.

• Preserve and create Affordable Housing across the City for low, moderate and middle-income families and other residents.

• Promote Doing Business in Cambridge and work to strengthen our mutually beneficial partnerships with businesses and universities.

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