Under Cambridge

What Makes the City Work

This is the story of how the water supply, sewerage, energy supply, and solid waste are managed in the City of Cambridge, Massachusetts. The idea is based on a 1989 episode of Nova called The Hidden City [Review] that told the story of the infrastructure of New York City. Every city has its own hidden city - the stuff most people take for granted.

This is very much a work in progess - a summer project - that will grow over time. Any contributions of text, images, videos, maps, and anything else are appreciated. This is an amazing story that really needs to be told. - RW

Cambridge Water

The Sewers of Cambridge


Solid Waste

Contributions of text, images, videos, maps, and anything else should be sent to:
Robert Winters at Robert@rwinters.com.

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Water main Water main Water main
Cutting and replacing a section of 30 inch water main on Broadway near Goodman Rd.
Rock intrusion Creating a parkway
Building the Pacific Street sewer near Albany Street Sewer design - Pacific Street