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Links to local quasi-political parties:

  • A Better Cambridge
    A group of residents working to build a more diverse and dynamic Cambridge on the path toward sustainable growth.
  • Cambridge Residents Alliance
  • Black Lives Matter Cambridge
    (link permanently removed due to this organization refusing entry to an event based on race/income)

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Local colleges and universities:

Political parties:

Charitable/service organizations:

Go for a Walk
AMC Local Walks


Note: Additional links will be added on request. If your particular group does not have a website, we will provide a simple page with e-mail addresses, text, and images (free of charge), within reason and subject to the discretion of the Editor.

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Municipal government:

Send e-mail to the City Manager
(Richard Rossi)

Elected officials:

Cambridge City Council Members

  • Dennis Carlone (email, 617-494-9559 (h), 617 349-4280 (w))
  • Jan Devereux (email, 617-460-2235 (h), 617-349-4280 (w))
  • Craig Kelley (email, 617-354-8353 (h), 617-349-4280 (w))
  • Alanna Mallon (email, 617-800-9571 (h), 617-349-4280 (w))
  • Mayor Marc McGovern (email, 617-642-1731 (h), 617-349-4321 (w))
  • Sumbul Siddiqui (email, 617-785-0988 (h) 617-349-4280 (w))
  • Denise Simmons (email, 617-349-4280 (w))
  • Tim Toomey (email, 617-576-6483 (h), 617-349-4280 (w))
  • Quinton Zondervan (email, 617-901-2006 (c), 617-349-4280 (w))

Send mail to all nine members
of the Cambridge City Council

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Cambridge School Committee

  • Manikka Bowman (email, 857-209-4509)
  • Emily Dexter (email, 617-460-1597)
  • Fred Fantini (email, 617-577-1755)
  • Kathleen Kelly (email, 617-899-2064)
  • Laurance Kimbrough (email, )
  • Patty Nolan (email, 617-661-0729)
  • Mayor Marc McGovern (email, 617-642-1731 (h), 617-349-4321 (w))

Send e-mail to all members
of the Cambridge School Committee

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if you must, before mailing)

State Representatives

State Senators

US Congress Representatives

US Senators