Cambridge, Massachusetts -- Boards and Commissions
updated Saturday, February 17, 2018 3:28 PM

   The City of Cambridge operates under the Plan E Charter which designates its City Manager as the appointee authority for virtually all City boards and commissions. Some of these boards serve essential regulatory functions, and others are purely advisory. With few exceptions, appointments made by the City Manager do not require the approval of the Cambridge City Council. Listed below are all of the City's boards and commissions and their members. It must be emphasized that those who serve on the City's boards and commissions, with the exception of the Election Commission, do so without compensation.

   Some boards deal with some very controversial matters. It is rarely, if ever, appropriate for members of the public to contact members of these boards outside of the context of public meetings of the respective boards. Members serve out of a sense of civic duty and should be respected for their willingness to give of their time, their energy, and their intellect.

   Please send me suggestions on how best to organize this page, provide statements of purpose and other relevant information about each committee, and to give the names and terms of the members of these committees. The City has now posted an official Directory of Boards and Commissions.

Current City Board and Commission Vacancies

Members Sought for Cambridge Climate Protection Action Committee

City SealJan 26, 2018 – Cambridge City Manager Louis A. DePasquale is seeking new members for the Climate Protection Action Committee (CPAC). Appointees will fill a limited number of vacancies on the committee.

The committee, which consists of residents and representatives of the universities, the business community, and community organizations, advises the City on climate change policy and implementation related to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preparing for the unavoidable impacts.

Cambridge has been working on climate change action since 1999. The City has an overall goal to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions at the community scale by 2050. The City is in the process of developing a Climate Action Plan which will set new climate protection goals and objectives for adoption by the City Council. In addition, a Climate Change Preparedness and Resilience Plan is also being developed. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preparing for climate change will require concerted action by the entire community, and the committee is an important element of the effort to develop policies and programs to help residents, businesses, institutions, and organizations incorporate energy efficiency, renewable energy, resilience, and other measures into their homes and work places. The Committee acts a sounding board for City staff, makes recommendations to the City Manager, convenes community discussions about climate change, and is responsible for reviewing progress on the implementation of the Net Zero Action Plan. For more information about climate protection in Cambridge, visit

The committee generally meets on the second Thursday of the month, from 6-8pm, at Cambridge City Hall Annex, 344 Broadway. Any Cambridge resident or representative of a business, institution, or organization based in Cambridge who would like to work to address climate change is welcome to apply. Members are appointed by the City Manager, generally to a three year term.

The deadline for submitting an application for the Climate Protection Action Committee is February 26, 2018. Applications can be submitted to City Manager Louis A. DePasquale using the city’s online application system at A cover letter describing your interest, resume, or applicable experience can be submitted during the online application process. Paper applications are available in the City Manager’s Office at Cambridge City Hall, 795 Mass. Ave.

Cambridge Announces Vacancies on Central Square Advisory Committee and Human Services Commission

City SealJan 31, 2018 – City Manager Louis A. DePasquale is seeking to fill vacancies on the Central Square Advisory Committee and the Human Services Commission.

The Central Square Advisory Committee helps review all major development actions in the Central Square Overlay District and monitors the progress of the non-zoning recommendations of the K2C2 Study relevant to Central Square. Members represent a cross section of stakeholders, which includes residents from abutting neighborhoods and representatives of Central Square’s business community. The Committee meets as needed to advise on non-zoning recommendations, undertakes all Large Project Reviews, and reviews and comments on all Board of Zoning Appeal variances and special permits within the Overlay District.

At this time, the following positions are vacant: The Port Representative, Riverside Representative, and Central Square Business Representative.

These appointments, to be made by the City Manager, will serve a term of three years that will expire in April 2021, with the option to renew. The Committee meets as needed based on project review needs and the status of ongoing and upcoming developments to Central Square. For more information, please contact Wendell Joseph at 617-349-9462 or, or visit the Central Square Advisory Committee’s webpage.

Applications to serve on this committee can be submitted to City Manager Louis A. DePasquale using the City’s online application system at A cover letter and resume or applicable experience must be submitted during the online application process. Paper applications are available in the City Manager’s Office at Cambridge City Hall, 795 Massachusetts Avenue. The deadline to submit an application is February 28, 2018.

The Human Services Commission advises the City Manager and the Assistant City Manager for Human Services on human services policy issues, needs assessments, and funding allocations. In collaboration with the Department of Human Service Programs, the nine-member Commission helps promote activities that enhance the quality of life for Cambridge residents. Over the years, the Commission has responded to local needs by recommending Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding for a wide range of programs offered by the City and community agencies.

The Commission usually meets with the Assistant City Manager for Human Services on the second Thursday of each month from 5:30 to 7:30pm. For more information, contact Mike Payack at 617-349-6208 or Commission members serve without compensation. Applications to serve on this committee can be submitted to City Manager Louis A. DePasquale using the City’s online application system at A cover letter and resume or applicable experience may be submitted during the online application process. Paper applications are available in the City Manager’s Office at Cambridge City Hall, 795 Massachusetts Avenue. The deadline to submit an application is March 2, 2018.

Affirmative Action Advisory Committee, Betsy Allen, Director (updated May 12, 2017)
Calvin Lindsay Jr. (expires Mar 2, 2017) Michael Muehe (CCPD)
Kimberly Sansoucy (Womens Commission) Neil S. MacInnes-Barker (Veterans)
Betsy Allen (Staff)  
Recent former members:
Jonathan Yip Leroy Cragwell
Roberta Goto Ken Likis
Tasha Thomas Stephen Vesce
Qadir Wahid J. Benjamin Harris
Stephanie A. Crayton Jonathan Santos

Affordable Housing Trust Board (updated Feb 17, 2018)
Authority: Article 11.205 of the Zoning Ordinance; Mass. General Laws, Chapter 482
Purpose: Encourage the expansion and upgrading of the City's housing stock. The Trust is specifically charged with providing loan funds to build new affordable units, as well as with helping nonprofit housing organizations finance substantial rehabilitation of distressed properties.
Membership: 9 members (representatives from different sections of the community with housing policy, representatives from the City, non-profit housing and the community)
Term: 3 years
Louis A. DePasquale, City Manager, Managing Trustee Susan Schlesinger (expires Sept 26, 2019)
Peter Daly (expires Sept 26, 2018) James Stockard, Jr. (expires Sept 26, 2019)
Florrie Darwin (expires Oct 14, 2020) William Tibbs (expires Sept 26, 2018)
Gwendolyn Noyes (expires Oct 14, 2020) Elaine Thorne (expires Sept 26, 2019)
Cheryl-Ann Pizza-Zeoli (expires Feb 6, 2020) Chris Cotter (Staff)
Recent former members:
Richard Rossi Michael Haran

Animal Commission (updated Aug 20, 2012)
7 members (Permanent members - Commissioner of Police and Commissioner of Health and Hospitals). Remaining 5 members shall have demonstrated ability in the animal welfare field with related experience in any of the following: public information programs, animal shelter operations, spaying and neutering programs, affiliations with national and local animal protection societies and knowledge of animal health care and diseases). Members to be appointed initially by the City Manager for the following terms: One member shall serve for a one-year term; Two members shall serve for a two-year term; Two members shall serve for a three-year term. After the initial terms, all Commissioners shall be appointed for a term of three years. [It is not known whether this Board has any appointed members.]

Arts Council Advisory Board (updated Feb 17, 2018)
Jason Weeks, Executive Director, Ex-Officio
Olufolakemi Alalade (expires Oct 1, 2019) Stella Aguirre McGregor
Gary Aliyah (expires Nov 7, 2019) Diane Norris, Secretary (expires Nov 7, 2019)
Luis Edgardo Cotto (expires June 1, 2019) Katherine Shozawa (expires Oct 1, 2019)
Lori Lander (expires June 1, 2019) Christine Lamas Weinberg (expires Oct 1, 2019)
Calvin Lindsay, Jr.  
Recent former members:
Phyllis Bretholtz, Vice Chair Andrew Mroczek
Matthew Weinberg Kiera Wilhelm
Diana Lempel Lori Damon
Ann Lawson David Daniel

Arts Council Fund Board (added Aug 18, 2012)
Michelle Kincaid, President Alexandra Sheldon
Irene Kostakis Jason Weeks, Ex-Officio
James Lawson, Esq. Nancy Weissman, Esq.
José Mateo, Treasurer  

Avon Hill Neighborhood Conservation District Commission (updated Feb 17, 2018)
Staff: Sarah Burks
Constantin von Wentzel, Chair (expires June 20, 2019) Levin Campbell - (expires July 5, 2020)
Arthur Bardige (expires Nov 1, 2018) Heli Meltsner (expires Nov 1, 2019)
Robert G. Crocker - (expires Aug 1, 2019) Mark Golberg (expires Aug 1, 2019)
Recent members:
Maryann Thompson John Sanzone
Catherine Henn Theresa Hamacher

Bicycle Committee (updated Sept 30, 2017)
Jonathan Adams, Chair (expires Sept 25, 2019) Ruthann Rudel (expires Sept 25, 2019)
Michael Proscia, Vice Chair (expires Sept 25, 2019) Randy Stern (expires Sept 25, 2019)
Corby Bacco (expires Sept 25, 2019) Peter Stokes (expires Sept 25, 2019)
Ann Marie Biernacki (expires Sept 25, 2019) Andrea Williams (expires Sept 25, 2019)
Mark Boswell (expires Sept 25, 2019) Melissa Shakro, MIT (expires Sept 25, 2019)
Amy Flax (expires Sept 25, 2019) Stacey King, Harvard (expires Sept 25, 2019)
Dien Ho (expires Sept 25, 2019) Rebeca Simonson (expires Sept 25, 2019)
Caroline Jaffe (expires Sept 25, 2019) John P. Ellersick (expires Sept 25, 2019)
Patrick Michael Lynch (expires Sept 25, 2019) Charles T. James (expires Sept 25, 2019)
Recent former members:
David Chiriboga Taylor Fickett
Madeleine deBlois Amy Linne
Sarah Ehrich Matthew Schrumpf
Brenda Pike Viola Augustin
Catharine Hornby Tom Meek
Ari Ofsevit Steve Bercu
Evadne Cokeh John Goodman
Katherine Howitt Sean McDonnell
Joseph Poirier Megan Ramey
Joseph Raser Ingrid Schorr
Mechthild von Knobelsdorff  

Board of Assessors (updated Feb 17, 2018)
Robert P. Reardon, Chair (expires Dec 31, 2013) Walter Pennell
Andrew J. Johnson (expires Dec 31, 2015)  

Board of Examiners (updated June 3, 2009)
Nancy Goodwin two vacancies

Board of Survey (updated Feb 17, 2018)
Requests for a board of survey are usually made by the Building Commissioner.
Kathy Watkins, City Engineer Ranjit Singanayagam, Inspectional Services
Charles Sullivan, Executive Director of Historical Commission  

Board of Zoning Appeals (updated Feb 17, 2018) - 5 Members, 7 Associates
Constantine Alexander, Chair (expires May 14, 2022) Patrick Tedesco (expires May 23, 2021)
Brendan Sullivan, Vice Chair (expires Apr 26, 2022) Andrea A. Hickey (expires Aug 29, 2021)
Janet Ohle Green (expires Apr 26, 2022)  
Associate Members:
Slater W. Anderson (expires Dec 15, 2021) Jim Monteverde (expires Dec 31, 2021)
George S. Best (expires Dec 15, 2021) Douglas Myers (expires Dec 15, 2021)
Alison Hammer (expires Dec 17, 2021) Laura Wernick, FAIA (expires Feb 2, 2022)
Recent former members:
Timothy Hughes Lindsey Thorne-Bingham
Thomas P. Scott  

Broadband Task Force (appointed October 2014)
Ben Compaine Ed Naef
Susan Fleischman Anne Schwieger
Jerrold Grochow Jonathan Speiser
Ming-Tai Huh Saul Tannenbaum
James Lesie Nate Thames
Jason Liss Jacob White
Patrick McCormick Chris Yu

Cambridge Biosafety Committee (updated Feb 17, 2018)
Dan Anderson (expires July 31, 2021) Denise Heintze (expires July 31, 2019)
John Brusch, MD (expires July 31, 2021) Sam Lipson, Director of Environmental Health
Tim Harrah, PhD (expires July 31, 2019)  
Recent former members:
Susan Woskie, PhD  

Cambridge Health Alliance / Public Health Department
Leadership: (updated July 31, 2016)
Patrick Wardell
Chief Executive Officer, CHA
Kathleen Harney, MD
Chief, Department of Obstetrics/Gynecology and Women's Health
Renée Kessler
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Carol Hulka, MD
Chief of Radiology
Paul Allen, MD, MPH
Chief Quality Officer
Joe Mackey, MD
Chief of Anesthesia
Jill Batty
Chief Financial Officer
Ben Milligan, MD
Chief of Emergency Medicine
David Bor, MD
Chief of Medicine
Rebecca Osgood, MD
Chief of Pathology
Steve Carter
Senior Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
David Porell, MA, MBA
Chief Administrative Officer, CHA Physician Organization
Mary Cassesso
Chief Community Officer and President, CHA Foundation
Teresa Royer, RN, MSN, MBA
Chief Nursing Officer
Joy Curtis
Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Chief Human Resources Officer
Assaad Sayah, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Samuel H. Doppelt, MD
Chief of Orthopaedics
Gerald Steinberg, MD
Senior Vice President, Network Development
David Elvin, MD
President of the Medical Staff
Brian Swann, DDS, MPH
Chief of Dental Medicine
Marshall Forstein, MD
Interim Chair, Department of Psychiatry
Edgardo Trejo, MD
Interim Chief, Department of Psychiatry
Andrew M. Fuqua
General Counsel
Michael Wertheimer, MD, FACS
Interim Chief of Surgery
Greg Hagan, MD
Interim Chief of Pediatrics
Randy Wertheimer, MD
Chief of Family Medicine
Board of Trustees: (updated Feb 17, 2018)
Carol Van Deusen Lukas, Chair (Cambridge, expires July 1, 2018) William (Bill) Lahey (Cambridge, expires July 1, 2020)
Joshua Posner, Vice-Chair (Cambridge, term expires July 1, 2018) Claire Laporte (Cambridge, expires July 1, 2019)
Moacir Barbosa (Cambridge, expires July 1, 2020), Asst. Director for Training and Capacity Building at Health Resources in Action (HRiA) Gerald A. McCue (Somerville, expires July 1, 2020)
Maren Batalden, MD, Medical Staff member (expires July 1, 2018) Kathleen McGilvray (Somerville, expires July 1, 2019)
Robina Bhasin, EdM (Somerville seat, expires July 1, 2020) Mark Puleo (Everett, term expires Aug 1, 2018)
Louis DePasquale (City Manager, City of Cambridge) Ellen Semonoff (City of Cambridge Officer)
Marian Darlington-Hope (expires July 1, 2020) Patrick Wardell, Chief Executive Officer, CHA
Madge Kaplan (Cambridge, expires June 11, 2018) Katharine S. Kosinski, MD (Cambridge, June 11, 2018)
Barbara Anthony (expires June 30, 2018) Cathy Wirth (Somerville, expires July 1, 2019), Project Manager, Healthy Kids, Healthy Futures
Mary Jane Kornacki (expires June 1, 2019) Robert Buchanan (expires June 30, 2019)
Emeritus Trustees:  
Thomas Bent John Francis
Eugene Brune Mary Ann Hart, RN
Jack Burke, MD George Keverian
Nancy Busnach Jane Metzger
Melvin Chalfen, MD Pearl Morrison
Audrey Cunningham Jonathan Stearns
Elaine DeRosa Ronald Weintraub, MD
Francis H. Duehay Traci A. Logan
Lucian Leape, MD William Hart
David Bor, MD (Chief of Medicine) Isaac M. Machado, JD (Somerville)
Deborah Klein Walker Danna Mauch, Ph.D
Maxwell (Mike) Solet Paula A. Paris
Steve Manos  

Cambridge Housing Authority (current as of Feb 17, 2018)
Victoria Bergland (expires Sept 25, 2022 pending Council approval)
Member of Lincoln Way Tenant Council since 2009 and currently the President. She was elected as co-chair for Public Housing of the Alliance of Cambridge Tenants (ACT) in May, 2009, now serving second term as co-chair. Additionally, Ms. Bergland has completed numerous trainings sponsored by the CHA on topics such as reasonable accommodations, hearing panels, and the low income housing tax credit program. She is a 40-year resident of Cambridge.
Gerard J. Clark (Chair, expires Jan 25, 2020)
A professor of law at Suffolk Law School, Mr. Clark has been on the Board since 1974. As a lawyer for the Boston citywide tenants association, he helped supervise five years of receivership at the Boston Housing Authority. He writes frequent articles on housing, constitutional law and ethics, is Chair of the CHA Conference Panel, an applicant appeals forum and has been diligent in efforts around affirmative action.
Susan Connelly (expires Nov 11, 2018, state appointee)
Susan Connelly joined CHA’s Board in February 2014. Ms. Connelly is the Director of Community Housing Initiatives at Massachusetts Housing Partnership where she is responsible for overseeing MHP's support of municipalities, community-based non-profits, and public housing authorities, in their efforts to build and maintain affordable housing. Ms. Connelly is a long-time Cambridge resident and the mother of two children, who attend Cambridge Public Schools. She is a graduate of the University of Vermont.
Anthony Pini (Vice Chair, expires Oct 20, 2019)
Mr. Pini joined the Board of Commissioners in January 2010. He is the Legislative Director of the Massachusetts Laborers' District Council of the Laborers' International Union of North America, AFL-CIO. Mr. Pini has served as an inspector for the City of Cambridge Inspectional Services Department. More recently he negotiated with CHA on behalf of Laborers Local 367 representing CHA's blue collar staff.
Naomie Stephen (expires Apr 10, 2021)  
Recent former members:
Warren McManus – On the Board since 1982, Mr. McManus is Chief Operating Officer for the Somerville Homeless Coalition, Inc. He was Controller of the Cambridge Model Cities program and the Cambridge and Somerville Program for Alcoholism Rehabilitation. A lifelong City resident, he has devoted time for many years to youth and the disadvantaged, serving on the Board of the Boys and Girls Club and as president of Little League.

Cambridge Redevelopment Authority (current as of Feb 17, 2018)
Membership: 5 members (4 members appointed by the City Manager, subject to confirmation by the City Council, and 1 member appointed by the State).
Tom Evans, Executive Director
Kathleen Born, Chair (expires 4/12/22) Conrad Crawford, Asst. Treasurer (expires April 2021)
D. Margaret Drury, Vice Chair (expires 4/12/18) Barry Zevin, Asst. Secretary (governor appointee, expires 11/14/2019)
Chris Bator, Treasurer (expires 4/12/18)  

Central Square Advisory Committee (current as of Feb 17, 2018)
9 members (architect or landscape architect, 4 members from the Central Square business community and 4 members from the abutting neighborhood)
Joel Altstein – Central Square Business Representative (Architect), term expires 3/20/2020 vacancy – Riverside Representative
Esther Hanig – Area Four Representative, term expires 11/20/2017 Michael Monestime – Central Square Representative, term expires 3/1/2020
Melissa Greene, Chair – Central Square Business Representative (Architect), term expires 3/2/2019 Robert Winters - Mid-Cambridge Representative, term expires 3/15,2020
Christopher Sol Gully – Central Square Business Representative, term expires 3/2/2019 Tahir Kapoor - Cambridgeport Representative, term expires 9/11/2020
Recent former members:
Gus Rancatore Wendy Landman (Cambridgeport)
Robert Freed Robin Lapidus
Drew Kane  

Citizens Committee on Civic Unity (current as of Dec 16, 2017)
Staff: Taha Jennings; establised per 2014 City Council order; members serve 3-year terms
Susie Flug-Silva, Chair (expires Nov 1, 2020) Kelly Hassett (expires Nov 1, 2020)
Betsy Bard (expires Nov 1, 2020) Steven Lee (expires Nov 1, 2020)
Holly Bernier (expires Nov 1, 2020) Kenny Likis (expires Nov 1, 2020)
M. Chanta Bhan (expires Nov 1, 2020) Gustavo Payan-Luna (expires Nov 1, 2020)
Eva Martin Blythe (expires Nov 1, 2020) Tarit Rao-Chakravorti (expires Nov 1, 2020)
Danielle Ring Boudrow (expires Nov 1, 2020) Laura Mosman Smith (expires Nov 1, 2020)
Lorraine Goffe (expires Nov 1, 2020)  
Recent former members:
Melissa Gonzalez Melissa Castillo
S. Kwame Dance Renae Gray
Lewis Bryant Jwahir Sundai
Priscilla Lopes Rev. Joseph Robinson
Josie Patterson Fatima Muhammad
Rev. Roxie Coicou  

City Manager's Advisory Committee (updated Feb 17, 2018)
Heather Esme Caramello (expires Apr 2, 2019) Sheila Headley Burwell (expires Apr 2, 2019)
Ann Fleck-Henderson (expires Apr 2, 2019) Michelle Lower (expires Apr 2, 2019)
Terry Shinkwin Ward (expires Apr 2, 2019) Susan Ruff (expires Apr 2, 2019)
Eva Martin Blythe (expires Apr 2, 2019) Alexandra Photopoulos (expires Apr 2, 2019)
Joshua Reyes (expires Apr 2, 2019) Edward Hoff (expires Apr 2, 2019)
Frank Pedro (expires Apr 2, 2019) Dennis Scannell (expires Apr 2, 2019)
Mohammed Uddin (expires Apr 2, 2019) Charles Aufiero (expires Apr 2, 2019)
Christopher Scott (expires Apr 2, 2019) Ellis Washington (expires Apr 2, 2019)

Climate Protection Action Committee (updated Feb 17, 2018)
Lauren M. Miller, Chair (expires Aug 31, 2018) Sarah Mandlebaum (expires Aug 31, 2018)
Johanna Jobin, Vice Chair (expires Sept 1, 2018) Mina Markarious (expires Aug 31, 2018)
JerryLyn Huckabee, Secretary (expires Aug 31, 2018) Christopher Nielson (expires Aug 31, 2018)
Rosalie Anders (expires Mar 31, 2018) Tom Page (expires Aug 31, 2018)
Olga Faktorovich Allen (expires Aug 31, 2018) Paula Phipps (expires Aug 31, 2018)
Betsy Boyle (expires Aug 31, 2018) David Rabkin (expires Aug 31, 2018)
Sarah Brylinsky (expires Aug 31, 2018) Marguerite Reynolds (expires Aug 31, 2018)
Thomas Chase (expires Aug 31, 2018) Keren Schlomy (expires Aug 31, 2018)
Amber Clifton (expires Aug 31, 2018) Bill Zamparelli, Eversource (expires Aug 31, 2018)
Peter Crawley (expires Aug 31, 2018) Jackie Cefola (Assoc. Member, expires Aug 31, 2018)
Tim DeGarmo (expires Aug 31, 2018) Sarah Hill (Assoc. Member, expires Aug 31, 2018)
Keith Giamportone (expires Aug 31, 2018) Suzanne Shepard (Assoc. Member, expires Aug 31, 2018)
Sarah Kennedy (expires Aug 31, 2018) Barry Hilts (Cambridge Health Alliance, term expired)
Ted Live (expires Mar 12, 2018) Janet Curtis (term expired)
Kris Locke (expires Aug 31, 2018) Jan Dillon-Schaub (term expired)
Recent former members:
Milton Bevington Heather Henriksen/Robyn Tsukayama (Harvard)
Carri Boiselle (Novartis) Shawn Hesse
Scott Wood Steve Lanou (MIT)
John Moore (Assoc. Member) Terrence Smith
Kyle Greaves (Urban Ecology Institute) Quinton Zondorvan
Alison Sander (Assoc. Member)  

Commercial Parking Control Committee (5 members, staggered terms)
This Board is currently being reconstituted.

Commission for Persons with Disabilities
Michael Muehe, Executive Director (updated Feb 17, 2018)
Gary Dmytryk, Chair (expires June 30, 2018) Philibert Kongtcheu (expires Jan 1, 2021)
Nicole Horton-Stimpson, Secretary (expires Dec 31, 2019) Mike Langlois (expires Sept 12, 2019)
Maria Fontellio (expires June 22, 2018) Luis Loya (expires Sept 12, 2019)
Jerry Friedman, City Staff, DPW Julie Miller (expires Sept 12, 2019)
Stelios Gragoudas (expires Sept 12, 2019) Alicia Zeh-Dean (expires June 22, 2018)
Valerie Pauline Hammond (expires Jan 1, 2021)  
Recent members:
Holly Aldrich JoAnn Haas
Miriam Cooper Alissa Land
Sandy Durmaskin Naomi Pinson
Elizabeth Dean-Clower Kara Falise
Zarha Kanji Avner Fink
Debbie Cheng Kate Thurman
Katie Ashwill Allen Bet MacArthur

Commission on Immigrant Rights and Citizenship (current as of Sept 12, 2016)
Leslie DiTrani (term expires Sept 1, 2019) Swati Sawant (term expires Sept 1, 2017)
Sana Ghafoor (term expires Sept 1, 2017) Jennifer Sparks (term expires Sept 1, 2018)
Alejandro Heredia-Santoyo (term expires Sept 1, 2019) Merline Sylvain-Williams (term expires Sept 1, 2019)
Karin Lin (term expires Sept 1, 2017) Melanie Torres (term expires Sept 1, 2018)
Marcio Macedo (term expires Sept 1, 2018) Yarlennys Villaman (term expires Sept 1, 2019)
Roxana Maldonado-Garcia (term expires Sept 1, 2018)

Commission on the Status of Women, a.k.a Womens Commission (updated Feb 17, 2018)
Phyllis Bretholtz (term expires Nov 7, 2019) Jane Shou (term expires Mar 27, 2020)
Carol Chow Carson (term expires Mar 27, 2020) Barbara Thomas (term expires Mar 27, 2020)
Pauline Carter-Wells (Cambridge Police Department Appointee) Susan Yanow (term expires Nov 7, 2019)
Nadia Elysse (term expires Mar 27, 2020) Laura Cava Northrop (term expired)
Therecia Jozefzoon (term expires Mar 27, 2020) Golnaz Tabatabai (term expired)
Marjorie Saunders (term expires Nov 7, 2019)  
Recent former members:
Kailah Carden Srin Chakravorty
Lisa Mashburn Johanne Meleance
Addie Schwarz Audrey Oetomo
Pamela L. Enders, Ph.D.  

Community Advisory Board on the Living Wage (updated Feb 17, 2018)
Terence Smith, Chair (term expired) Nancy O'Brien (term expired)
Elaine DeRosa (term expires Oct 1, 2019) Daniel O'Neill (term expired)
Marcia L. Hams (term expires Oct 1, 2019) Neil Rohr (term expires Oct 1, 2019)
Richard Kevin Monks (term expires Oct 1, 2019) David Slaney (term expired)
Recent former members:  
George Donahue Lisa Yanakakis

Community Benefits Advisory Committee (updated June 16, 2017)
13 members, all terms expire June 1, 2020 - appointed June 1, 2017
Lisa Peterson, Chair, Deputy City Manager Amy Salomon, resident
Kathryn Fenneman, nonprofit representative Geeta Pradhan, Cambridge Community Foundation
Risa Mednick, nonprofit representative Susan Lapierre, business representative
Elizabeth Aguilo, nonprofit representative Paul Parravano, university representative
Cibele Goncalves, resident Ellen Semonoff, Asst. City Mgr., Human Services
Daniel Liss, resident Sandra Clarke, Deputy Director, CDD
Rowan Murphy, resident  

Community Preservation Act Committee (updated Feb 17, 2018)
9 members
Lisa Peterson, Chair,
Deputy City Manager
Michael McDonough, Conservation Commission
(expiresJan 8, 2023)
Victoria Bergland, Cambridge Housing Authority (expires Jan 8, 2023) Ellen Schacter, Resident
(expires Apr 1, 2020)
Chandra Harrington, Historical Commission
(expires June 1, 2020)
Susan Schlesinger, Cambridge Affordable Housing Trust (expires May 10, 2020)
David Kale, Assistant City Manager, Finance (exp. Apr 24, 2022) Thacher Tiffany, Planning Board (exp. June 1, 2020)
Kevin A. Foster, Resident (expires June 1, 2022)  
Recent former members:  
Albe Simenas, Conservation Commission Anna Aldric, Conservation Commission
Gerard J. Clark, Cambridge Housing Authority  

Conservation Commission (updated Feb 17, 2018) - 7 members have 3-year terms
Jennifer (Wright) Letourneau, Director
Purvi Patel, Acting Chair (expires June 30, 2018) Michael McDonough (expires Jan 23, 2020)
Anna Aldric (expires Jan 23, 2020) Lauren McPhersen-Siegrist (expires Aug 31, 2018)
Dorothy Altman (expires July 31, 2018) Edward (Ted) Pickering (expires June 30, 2018)
Kaki Martin (expires July 31, 2019)  
Recent former members:  
Adam J. Hornstine Ivria Glass Fried
Albe Simenas  

Consumer Advisory Committee (7 members)
Laura Nichols is the Executive Director
ex-officio members - Sealer of Weights and Measures and the Chair of the License Commission  

Council on Aging (updated Feb 17, 2018) - 11 members (7 vacancies)
Lois Carra (through Jan 25, 2019) Eva Paddock (through Aug 1, 2019)
Pearl Hines (through June 1, 2019) Ashley Thibault (expires Mar 1, 2019)
Recent former members:
Elizabeth Cadigan Ismail Laher
Kenneth Hebert Carole Feeney Withrow
Miranda Heibel Dr. Anne Fabin
Ethel J. Ampey Kathleen Connolly
Benjamin C. Horner Jeanne Ryde
Daniel Burroso, CPD Jennifer Chisholm
Mary Ann Dalton Lily Owyang

Early Education Services
Steering Committee members for the City’s Birth to Grade Three Partnership (appointed Sept 26, 2016):
Maryann MacDonald     Assistant  Superintendent for Elementary Education Co-Chair
Ellen Semonoff Assistant City Manager for Human Services Co-Chair
Patricia Beggy Principal, Morse School  
Katy Donovan Director, Peabody Terrace Childcare Center  
Michelle Farnum Assistant Director, Children, Youth and Families  
Victoria Greer Assistant Superintendent for Student Services  
Greg Hagan Chief of Pediatrics, Cambridge Health Alliance  
Michael Johnston Deputy Executive Director, Cambridge Housing Authority  
Kathryn Jones Senior Director, Community Engagement, Boston Children’s Museum  
Maria LaPage Executive Director, Agassiz Baldwin Community School  
Ben Mardell Professor, Lesley University Graduate School of Education  
Maria McCauley Director of Cambridge Public Library  
Kathy Modigliani Principal Consultant, Family Childcare Project  
Geeta Pradhan Executive Director, Cambridge Community Foundation  
Shannon Sorenson Vice President, Child and Family Services, Riverside Community Care  
Valora Washington CEO, Council for Professional Recognition, CAYL Institute  
Wayne Ysaguirre President and CEO, Nurtury  

Eastern Cambridge/Kendall Square Open Space Planning Committee (updated May 29, 2013)
Alexandra Lee Michelle Lower
Carole Bellew Patrick Magee
Charlie Marquardt Rose Billeci
Christine Dunn Sam Valentine
Christopher Perkins Sujit Sitole
Conrad Crawford Susan Morgan
Daniel Norman Thayer Donham
David Small Victoria Farr
Lara Gordon  

Election Commission (updated Feb 17, 2018)
Tanya Ford is Executive Director of the Election Commission. Election commissioners are paid approximately $30,000 per year plus health benefits.
Ethridge King (Republican, 2007 - 3/31/2019) Polyxane Cobb (Democrat, 2010 - 3/31/2018)
Charles Marquardt (Republican, 2016 - 3/31/2017) Larry Ward (Democrat, 2012 - 3/31/2020)
Note: Peter Sheinfeld (Republican) served from 2009 until his untimely death in 2016.
Note: Polyxane Cobb (Democrat) is retiring and her successor is expected to be appointed by Apr 1, 2018.


Envision Cambridge (current as of Apr 28, 2017)
Envision Cambridge Advisory Committee (ECAC)
Alexandra Offiong Matthew Wallace
Bethany Stevens Risa Mednick
Bill Kane Robert Winters
Dennis Swinford Ruth Allen
Ebi Poweigha Ruth Ryals
Frank Gerratana Tom Sieniewicz
Joseph Maguire Tom Stohlman
Josh Gerber Zeyneb Magavi
Marlinia Antoine Zuleka Queen-Postell
Envision Alewife Working Group
Catherine Connolly Karen Dumaine
Doug Brown Margaret Drury
Eric Grunebaum Margaret Gadon
Geoff Wood Mark DiOrio
James Butler Sam Stern
Jennifer Gilbert Tom Ragno
John DiGiovanni William Ahern
Engagement and Communications Working Group
Ben Peterson Justin Crane
Cathie Zusy Justin Kang
Debbie Bonilla Phyllis Bretholtz
Elaine DeRosa Sarah Kennedy
Eryn Johnson Tara Greco
Jeenal Sawla Zuleka Queen-Postell
Economy Working Group
Chris Barr Gina Plata, Just-A-Start
Tony Brooks Daniel Shenfeld
Sarah Gallop, MIT Ottavio Siani
Theresa Hamacher Saul Tannenbaum
Dave Holtz Mary Ting Hyatt
Denise Jillson, HSBA Ty Wilson
Jay Kiely Ebi Poweigha, ECAC
Daniel Lander Ruth Ryals, ECAC
Ivy Moylan  
Housing Working Group  
Leonardi Aray Jesse Kanson-Benanav
Mark Boyes-Watson Monique King
Kelley Brown, MIT Tom Lorello
Kathryn Carlson Eva Martin Blythe
Steven Cohen Margaret Moran
Lauren Curry Deborah Morse
Lee Farris Cheryl-Ann Pizza-Zeoli
Bob Flack Susan Schlesinger
Anthony Galluccio Ellen Shachter
Esther Hanig Zuleka Queen Postel, ECAC
Sean Hope Robert Winters, ECAC
Climate and Environment Working Group
Maggie Booz Abigail Regitsky
Maxwell Cohen Julianne Sammut
Henrietta Davis Claire Santoro
Sophia Emperador Joanne Scheuble
Cynthia Hibbard Juliet Stone
Emily Myron Henry Vandermark
Mike Nakagawa Jules Williams
Julie Newman, MIT Zeyneb Magavi, ECAC
Christopher Nielson Matt Wallace, ECAC
Steven Nutter, Green Cambridge  
Mobility Working Committee
Dave Allan Rob Ricchi
Michelle Danila Ruthann Rudel
Rachel Dias Carlson Emma Sandoe
Chris Featherman Melissa Shakro
Nate Fillmore Stacy Thompson
John Gintell Annie Tuan
Greg Heidelberger Dustin Weigl
Mark Jensen Ruth Allen, ECAC
Caitlin McMurtry Bethany Stevens, ECAC
Steve Miller  

Family Policy Council, formerly the Kid's Council (updated Feb 17, 2018)
Nancy Tauber, Executive Director
Mayor Marc McGovern, Co-Chair of Kids' Council Tina Alu (Executive Director, CEOC)
Liz Hill, Community-at-large representative (expires Aug 10, 2018) Luba Falk Feigenberg, Community-at-Large Representative (exp. Aug 1, 2019)
Claude Jacob, Commissioner of Health & Hospitals Representative Ron Benham, State Agency Representative (expires Aug 10, 2018)
Michelle Lower, Business Representative (expires Aug 10, 2018) Branville G. Bard, Police Commissioner
Geeta Pradhan, Member, Philanthropic Representative (expires Aug 10, 2018) Maria McCauley, Cambridge Public Library Director
Bridget Rodriguez, University Representative (expires Aug 10, 2018) Kenneth Salim, Superintendent of the Cambridge Public Schools
Alanna Mallon, City Council (Mayor's Representative) David J. Kale, Asst. City Manager for Finance
Sumbul Siddiqui, City Council (Mayor's Representative) Laurance Kimbrough, School Committee
Neal Michaels, Co-Chair, Community-at-Large Representative (expires Aug 10, 2018) Michael Johnston, Executive Director, Cambridge Housing Authority (expires Sept 1, 2018)
Ellen Semonoff, Asst. City Manager for Human Services Uma Edulbehram, Youth Representative (expires Oct 23, 2019)
Elaina Wolfson, Youth Representative (expires Oct 23, 2018) Tagesech Wabeto, Community at-large member (expires Oct 23, 2020)
Naia Aubourg, Youth Representative (expires Oct 23, 2018) Ben Clark, Cambridge Non-Profit Coalition (expires Oct 23, 2018)
Tagesech Wabeto, Community at-large member (expires Oct 23, 2020) Michele Godfrey (Early Childhood Representative)
Kim Goldstein, Community at-large member (expires Feb 7, 2021)  
Recent former members:
Tony Clark, Member, Education Liaison John Lindamood, Cambridge Housing Authority

Foundry Advisory Board (current as of Sept 28, 2015)
Deborah Rue (term expires Sept 28, 2018) Mark Tang (term expires Sept 28, 2017)
Folakemi Alalade (term expires Sept 28, 2017) Mariam Bucheli (term expires Sept 28, 2016)
Jamie Sabino (term expires Sept 28, 2016) Richard Thal (term expires Sept 28, 2018)
Jason Slavick (term expires Sept 28, 2018)  
City Staff:

Fresh Pond Master Plan Advisory Board (updated Feb 17, 2018)
Janice Snow, Chair (expires May 9, 2019) Deborah Masterson (expires May 9, 2019)
Susan Agger (expires May 9, 2018) Jamie Porreca (expires Sept 19, 2019)
Jim Barton (expires May 9, 2019) Ann Roosevelt, Water Board (expires May 9, 2019)
Janet Burns (expires May 9, 2018) Claudia Thompson (expires May 9, 2018)
David Kaplan (Water Dept.) Candace Young (expires Sept 19, 2019)
Jennifer Letourneau, Conservation Commission Louise Weed, Emeritus Member
Recent former members:
Paul Ryder (Recreation Division) Taha Jennings (City Manager’s Office)
Lauren McPherson-Siegrist Doug Brown

Half Crown/Marsh Neighborhood Conservation District Commission (updated Feb 17, 2018)
James Van Sickle, Chair (term expired) William King (term expired)
Judith Dortz, Vice-Chair (term expired) Deborah Masterson (expires June 24, 2020)
Marie-Pierre Dillenseger (expires June 22, 2018) Peter Schur (expires June 22, 2018)
Adrian Catalano, Alternate (expires Aug 1, 2019) Charles Smith (expires June 22, 2018)
Recent members:
Robert Banker Michael Robertson

Harvard Square Advisory Committee (updated Feb 17, 2018)
William G. Barry, Jr. (expires June 14, 2018) Gladys "Pebble" Gifford (expires Apr 23, 2018)
Allison Crosbie (expires Apr 24, 2020) Frank Kramer (expires Apr 23, 2018)
Lauren Curry (expires Apr 23, 2018) Kari Kuelzer (expires Apr 24, 2020)
John DiGiovanni (expires Apr 23, 2018) Alexandra Offiong, Harvard (expires Apr 23, 2018)
Maximilian Frank (expires May 22, 2018) Matt Simitis (expires Apr 24, 2020)
Recent members:
Willis Bibbins Hugh Russell
Sheldon Cohen Mary Webb
Bridget Dinsmore  

Harvard Square Conservation District Study Committee (updated Feb 17, 2018) - appointed Sept 1, 2017
Study committee to meet one to two times per month for a period of approximately 12 to 18 months.
Christopher Mackin (expires Aug 31, 2019) William G. Barry (expires Aug 31, 2019)
Jerry Murphy (expires Aug 31, 2019) Joseph Ferrara (expires Aug 31, 2019)
Christopher Angelakis (expires Aug 31, 2019) Kyle Sheffield (expires Aug 27, 2019)
Jessica Sculley (expires Aug 31, 2019)  

Harvard Square Kiosk Working Group (updated Mar 31, 2017) - appointed Mar 27, 2017
Note: City website says members have 99 year terms!
Abra Berkowitz John DiGiovanni
Robyn Culbertson Bertil Jean-Chronberg
Ankita Deshpande Frank Kramer
Timothy Hyde Peter Kroon
Janet Si-Ming Lee Sohail Nasir
Sarah Rosenkrantz Abhishek Syal
Daniel Andrew Schofield-Bodt Thomas Lucey
Kenneth Taylor Mary T. Flynn

Historical Commission (current as of Feb 17, 2018)
Bruce Irving, Chair (expires Aug 1, 2019) Jo M. Solet (expires June 22, 2020)
Susannah Tobin, Vice Chair (expires June 1, 2020) Joseph V. Ferrara (expires July 7, 2020)
William G. Barry, Jr. (expires Aug 1, 2019) Kyle Sheffield, Alternate (expires Aug 1, 2019)
Robert G. Crocker (expires Feb 8, 2020) Gavin Kleespies, Alternate (expires Oct 23, 2020)
Chandra Harrington (expires June 26, 2020) Paula Parris, Alternate (expires Oct 22, 2020)
Recent members:
M. Wyllis Bibbins Shary Page Berg
William B. King  

Human Rights Commission (updated Feb 17, 2018)
Nancy Schlacter, Executive Director
Bonita Cox, Chair (expires June 12, 2020)  
M. Chanta Bhan (expires June 12, 2020) Olinda R. Marshall (expires May 23, 2019)
Nadia Davila (expires Aug 27, 2020) Cynthia Orellana (expires July 31, 2019)
Mercedes S. Evans (expires June 12, 2020) Sabrina Selk (expires Jan 22, 2020)
Chara Itoka (expires May 23, 2019) Amanda Savage (expires Mar 27, 2020)
Joshua Stadlan (expires Mar 27, 2020) Kathryn Stack (expires June 12, 2020)
Recent former members:  
Melissa Gonzalez-Brenes Brendan St. Amant
Kerry Ranjilian Gough Randa A. Shedid
Kim T. Nghiem, PsyD Harry Reyes Nieva
Zainab Lakhani Robert Slate
Karin Lin (expires Sept 18, 2020) Nick Lopez Cortes (expires Sept 18, 2020)
Nicholas G. Leydon (expires Apr 11, 2020) Elena Chopyak (expires Sept 18, 2020)

Human Services Commission (updated Feb 17, 2018)
The Commission for Human Service Programs advises the City Manager on human services policy issues and funding allocations. Through the Department of Human Service Programs, the Commission also promotes activities that enhance the quality of life for Cambridge residents. One important means the Commission uses for gathering information on local human services trends is testimony at periodic needs assessment public hearings. Over the years, the Commission has responded to local needs by recommending Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding for a wide range of programs offered by the City and by community agencies.
Ellen Semonoff
is Deputy City Manager for Human Services Programs.
Julie V. Asher
(expires Nov 1, 2019)
Ms. Asher has over 10 years of nonprofit experience and is currently Senior Project Manager at the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University, where she facilitates new and ongoing collaborations between researchers, policymakers, and practitioners.
Ms. Christine Elow
(expires Jan 25, 2019)
Cambridge Police Department
Christopher R. Hall
(expires Jan 25, 2019)
Mr. Hall is a program coordinator at the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Group Insurance Commission and has worked for a number of years in the human services field.
Ana Leslie
(expires Jan 25, 2019)
Ms. Leslie holds a Master of Public Health and is currently employed as a coordinator at a Health Collaborative where she works on programs to support community health needs.
Khari Milner
(expires Jan 25, 2019)
Khari Milner is Coordinator of Out of School Time Programs for the Cambridge Public Schools and manages the 21st Century Community Learning Center Partnership.
Nan Stone
(expires Jan 25, 2019)
Nan Stone is a partner at the Bridgespan Group, a nonprofit consultancy. She serves as a liaison between the Human Services Commission and the Cambridge Community Foundation.
Rev. Lorraine Thornhill
(expires Jan 25, 2019)
Reverend Thornhill is pastor of the First Holiness Church in Cambridge. She is active in the community, promoting health, education and youth advocacy.
Recent former members:
Ms. Katharine Emilie Thomas (term expires June 30, 2015) Ms. Thomas is a lifelong resident of Cambridge, a mother of children who went to the Cambridge public schools, and the Assistant Director of the Cambridge-based Institute for Health and Recovery.
Kati LaBraico Kati LaBraico works in the healthcare field, and formerly served as a volunteer Parent Connector at the Morse School.
Ayse Atasoylu Dr. Atasoylu is an internist in local practice and an instructor in medicine.
Lori Likis
(expires Jan 25, 2019)
Lori Likis is an educational consultant and Director of School Improvement Planning and Initiatives at the Benjamin Banneker School.
Linda Naval
(expires Jan 25, 2018)
Ms. Naval has extensive background in government having worked as a Legislative Assistant in the Office of the U.S. Senate and as a Deputy Director of Public Policy and Legislative Affairs.
Sumbul Siddiqui
(expires Jan 25, 2018)
Ms. Siddiqui is a Northwestern University School of Law graduate and currently works as a contract attorney for Morrison Mahoney, LLP.

LGBTQ+ Commission (updated Jan 4, 2018)
The mission of the Cambridge LGBTQ+ Commission is to advocate for a culture of respect and to monitor progress toward equality of all persons with regard to sexual orientation and gender identity.
John Gintell, Co-Chair (expires Feb 8, 2019) Noelani Kamelamela (expires Feb 6, 2020)
Aren Stone, Co-Chair (expires Feb 6, 2020) Steven Lee (expires Feb 8, 2019)
Bill Barnert (expires Jan 8, 2021) Gregory MacDonough (expires Feb 6, 2020)
Susan Bernstein (expires Jan 8, 2020) Mal Malme (expires Feb 6, 2020)
Jessica Daniels (expires Jan 8, 2021) Rachel Oppenheimer (expires Jan 8, 2021)
Linda Daniels (expires Jan 8, 2020) Robert L. Parlin (expires Feb 6, 2020)
Abena Duker (expires Feb 6, 2019) Lesley Rebecca Phillips (expires Feb 8, 2019)
Maya Escobar (expires Jan 8, 2021) Kimm Topping (expires Jan 8, 2020)
Devontae Anthony Berry Freeland (expires Feb 6, 2019) Anna J. Weick (expires Feb 6, 2020)
Catherine Grams (expires Feb 6, 2020) Silas Weiner (expires Feb 6, 2019)
Recent former members:  
Caitlin Drechsler Neil A. Scannell (expires Jan 14, 2016)
Maggie Giles Danny Venezia (expires Jan 14, 2016)
Gregory Grays-Thomas Dana Zircher
Michael McKenna Brian Eiermann (expires Feb 8, 2019)
Sylvia Guerra (expires Feb 8, 2017) Paul O. Miller (term expires Dec 31, 2016)
LaTayna Purnell (expires Jan 26, 2018) Kevin Shpritzer (expires Jan 12, 2011)
Kara Smith (expires Jan 26, 2018) Ted Gucciardi Waechter (expires Feb 8, 2017)
Mason Weintraub (expires Feb 8, 2019) Neil S MacInnes-Barker (expires Jan 26, 2018)
Kristina M. Mastropasqua (expires Feb 8, 2019)  

Library Board of Trustees (updated Feb 17, 2018)
Janet Axelrod, Chair (expires Feb 1, 2021) Karen Kosko (expires July 31, 2018)
William Barry (expires Feb 1, 2021) Patricia Payne (expires Dec 31, 2018)
Tarryn Guarino (expires ???) James Roosevelt, Jr. (expires Jan 31, 2021)
Recent former members:  
Andre Mayer Nancy Woods

License Commission (updated Feb 17, 2018)
Elizabeth Y. Lint, Esq., Executive Director
Nicole Murati Ferrer, Chair Branville G. Bard, Police Commissioner
Gerard Mahoney, Acting Fire Chief  

Mid-Cambridge Neighborhood Conservation District Commission (updated Feb 17, 2018)
Samantha Elliott, staff, Cambridge Historical Commission, 617-349-4683
Nancy Goodwin, Chair (expires July 5, 2020) Margaret Cecil "Tuny" McMahon (Resigned)
Tony Hsiao, Vice Chair (expires July 5, 2019) Monika Pauli (expires June 22, 2018)
Lestra Litchfield (expires July 5, 2019) Chuck Redmon (expires July 5, 2020)
Sue-Ellen Myers (expires June 22, 2018)  
Recent former members:  
Carole Perrault  

Open Data Review Board (updated Feb 17, 2018)
Harlan Weber (expires Mar 14, 2018) Eric Belford, Asst Director for IT Administration
Cathy Chute (expires Mar 14, 2018) Clifford Cook, Planning Information Manager, CDD
Jake Wasserman (expires Mar 14, 2018) Christina Giacobbe, 911 Director, Emergency Comm. Ctr.
Anthony Vanky (expires Mar 14, 2018) Lee Gianetti, Director of Comm. and Community Relations
Josh Wolff (expires ???)  

Peace Commission (updated feb 17, 2018)
Brian Corr, Exec. Director
George Atallah (expires Dec 1, 2019) Amelia Joselow (expires Dec 1, 2020)
April Crehan (expires Dec 1, 2019) Larry Kim (expires Dec 1, 2020)
Margot Cronin-Furman (expires Dec 1, 2020) Elka Kuhlman (expires Dec 1, 2018)
Aboma Dirbaba (expires June 22, 2018) John Ratliff (expires Dec 1, 2018)
Kazimiera Fraley (expires Dec 1, 2018) David Seeman (expires Dec 1, 2019)
Gladys Friedler (expires Dec 1, 2019) Regina Yang (expires June 22, 2018)
Recent members:
Manikka Bowman Matthew Hoey
Karen Coleman Brian Loeb
Grove Harris Mushtaque Alikhan Mirza
Frank Connelly Elelchi Kadete
Johanne Méléance Jame Eliscar
Lijun Li (expires June 22, 2018)  

Pedestrian Committee (updated Feb 17, 2018)
Debby Galef, Chair (expires Sept 25, 2019) Helina Mekonnen (expires Sept 25, 2019)
Magda McCormick, Vice-Chair (expires Sept 25, 2019)  Matt Nelson (formerly CPD)
Fatima Akter (expires Sept 25, 2019) Sean Pierce (expires Sept 25, 2019)
Samuel Almon (expires Sept 25, 2019) Brad Pillen (Staff, PHD)
Dana Benjamin (TPT staff) Johanna Pittman (expires Sept 25, 2019)
Jodie Cohen-Tanugi (expires Sept 25, 2019) Helen Rose (expires Sept 25, 2019)
Andrea Marquardt Duchesneau (expires Sept 25, 2019) Joseph Rose (expires Sept 25, 2019)
Steven Gniazdowski (expires Sept 25, 2019) Cara Seiderman (Staff)
Emily Holzman (expires Sept 25, 2019) Sam Stern (expires Sept 25, 2019)
Stacey King, Harvard (expires Sept 25, 2019) Olivia Turner (expires Sept 25, 2019)
Brian McLane (DPW)  
Recent former members:  
MJ Jensen Eran Segev
Mark Robinson Victoria Farr
Nora Marantz Carriane Jung
Benjamin Muller Elizabeth Bierer
Rose Billeci Liza Cohen
Ryan Westrom Andrea Yoder
Robin Engel Finnegan Jeff Parenti (T&P)
Bill Dwyer (DPW) Michael Muehe (Disabilities Comm.)
Kevin Robert Hunter (expires Sept 25, 2019)  

Planning Board (updated Feb 17, 2018)
Iram Farooq is Assistant City Manager for Community Development
H. Theodore Cohen, Chair (expires Dec 1, 2019) Mary T. Flynn (expires Dec 1, 2019)
Catherine Preston Connolly, Vice-Chair (expires Dec 1, 2019) Hugh Russell (expires Sept 26, 2021)
Louis J. Bacci Jr. (expires Dec 1, 2019) Tom Sieniewicz (expires Sept 26, 2021)
Steven Cohen (expires Sept 26, 2021) Thacher Tiffany (Associate Member, expires Dec 1, 2019)
Recent former members:
Steven Winter Pamela Winters
Ahmed Nur, Associate Member  

Pole & Conduit Commission (updated Feb 17, 2018)
Nicole Murati Ferrer, Chair William Dwyer, Supt. of Streets
Stephen Lenkauskas, City Electrician  
Recent former members:  
Andrea S. Jackson  

Police Review and Advisory Board (updated Apr 28, 2017)
Brian Corr, Executive Secretary
Ann Coyne (term expires May 1, 2022) Ted Robitaille (term expires May 23, 2021)
Laurence Kimbrough (term expires May 1, 2022) Beverly C. Sealey (term expires Oct 23, 2019)
Lucy Murray-Brown (term expires May 1, 2022)  
Recent former members:  
Mertin Betts, Chair (term expires Oct 23, 2019)  

Public Art Commission (updated Feb 17, 2018)
Jeremy Gaucher, Public Art Administrator
Staff: Lillian Hsu, Jeremy Gaucher, Rika McNally  Contact the Public Art Commission
David T. DeCelis, Chair (term expires June 1, 2019) Cecily Miller (term expires Sept 1, 2019)
Dina Deitsch (term expires June 1, 2019) Danielle Sauvé (term expires Nov 9, 2018)
Judy Ann Goldman (term expires Sept 1, 2019) Alexander van Praagh (term expires Dec 7, 2018)
Recent former members:
Hue Nguyen Bertha Pantoja-Moore
Christopher Sokolowski  

Public Planting Committee (updated Feb 17, 2018)
David Lefcourt, City Arborist Michael Hanlon (expires Feb 23, 2019)
Gary Chan, CDD Dennis Jen (expires June 20, 2018)
Maggie Booz, Co-Chair (expires Feb 23, 2019) Kathleen Kelly (expires Feb 23, 2019)
Janet Burns (expires Feb 23, 2019) Jonathan Lewis (expires Feb 23, 2019)
Kathleen Caldara (expires Feb 23, 2019) Carolyn Mathews (expires Feb 23, 2019)
Paula Cortes (expires Feb 23, 2019) Johan Paulsson (expires Feb 23, 2019)
David Davis (expires Feb 23, 2019) Nancy Phillips (expires Feb 23, 2019)
Chantal Eide (expires Feb 23, 2019) Cynthia Smith (expires Feb 23, 2019)
Sophia Emperador (exp. Jan 8, 2020) Florrie Wescoat, Co-Chair (expires Feb 23, 2019)
Alexandra Lennon-Simon (expires Feb 23, 2019) Catherine Woodbury, DPW Engineer
Emily Axelrod (expires Feb 23, 2019) E. Thomas Flynn (expires Feb 23, 2019)
Denise Heintze (expires Feb 23, 2019) Gitte Venicz (expires Feb 23, 2019)
Wayne Marshall (expires Feb 23, 2019)  
Recent former members:  
Melissa Miguel, DPW Engineering  

Recycling Advisory Committee / Advisory Committee on Environmentally Desirable Practices
Michael Orr is Recycling Director. (updated Feb 17, 2018)
Ilana Bebchick (expires Apr 23, 2019) Liz Marr (expires Apr 23, 2019)
Meryl Brott, Recycling Program Manager Janet Mosley (expires Apr 23, 2019)
Keith Cialino (expires Apr 23, 2019) Laura Nichols, Cambridge Consumers Council
Joel Dashnaw (expires Apr 23, 2019) Michael Papas (expires Apr 23, 2019)
David Frank (expires Apr 23, 2019) Anne Sherman (expires Apr 23, 2019)
Debby Galef (expires Apr 23, 2019) Meera Singh (expires Apr 23, 2019)
Rob Gogan, Harvard University (expires Apr 23, 2019) Matthew St. Onge (expires Apr 23, 2019)
Martha Henry (expires Apr 23, 2019) Quinten Steenhuis (expires Apr 23, 2019)
Susy Jones (expires Apr 23, 2019) Mary Verhage (expires Apr 23, 2019)
Debbie Knight (expires Apr 23, 2019) Kristen Watkins (expires Apr 23, 2019)
Additional active participants and former members:
Sharah Connor Jan Dillon-Schaub
Joanna Vanden Michael Arnott
Luis Baigorria, Cambridge Housing Authority Jarrod Jones, MIT
Bob Cappadona, FCR-Boston Jane Hirschi, CitySprouts
Liza Casella, FCR-Boston Ted Live, Cambridge resident
Bruce Comen Juliana Lyman
Claire Davies Adam Mitchell, Save That Stuff
George Delegas Judy Nathans
David Demme, R.W. Beck Helen Snively
Kevin Douglas, F.W. Russell & Sons Robert Winters
Jason Zogg  

Reservoir Hill Neighborhood Conservation District Study Committee
(appointed Nov 9, 2015, expected completion date of June 2016)
Peter Ellis Joseph Ferrara
Bob Higgins Chandra Harrington
Arch Horst Susannah Tobin
Bracebridge H. Young, Jr.  

Retirement Board (updated Feb 17, 2018)
Francis E. Murphy, III (expires Oct 31, 2019) Michael P. Gardner (expires Jan 31, 2020)
John W. Shinkwin (expires July 31, 2020) James H. Monagle, ex-officio, City Treasurer (expires Jan 31, 2020)
Recent former members:  
Bradford P. Tenney, Chairman Nadia Chamblin-Foster

Transit Advisory Board (updated Feb 17, 2018)
John Attanucci, MIT, Transit Research Group (expires Sept 25, 2019) Katherine Rafferty, Mt. Auburn Hospital (expires Sept 25, 2019)
Joseph Beggan, Harvard University (expires Sept 25, 2019) Robert Ricchi, Resident, Agassiz (expires Sept 25, 2019)
Kelley Brown, MIT (expires Sept 25, 2019) Neil Rodriguez (expires Sept 25, 2019)
Devin Chausse, Cambridge Housing Authority (expires Sept 25, 2019) Daniel Andrew Schofield-Bodt, Harvard Square Business Association (expires Sept 25, 2019)
Chantal Eide (expires Sept 25, 2019) Arthur Strang, Resident, West Cambridge (expires Sept 25, 2019)
Charles Fineman, Resident, East Cambridge (expires Sept 25, 2019) Saul Tannenbaum, Resident, Cambridgeport (expires Sept 25, 2019)
Robert Fitzgerald, Resident, Mid-Cambridge (expires Sept 25, 2019) Alexander Taylor, Resident, West Cambridge (expires Sept 25, 2019)
Jim Gascoigne, Charles River Transportation Management Association (expires Sept 25, 2019) Miles Markarian Taylor (expires Sept 25, 2019)
Mark Jensen (expires Sept 25, 2019) Stacy Thompson, LivableStreets Alliance (expires Sept 25, 2019)
Andrew McFarland, LivableStreets Alliance (expires Mar 15, 2019) Melissa Zampitella, Alewife TMA (expires Sept 25, 2019)
Michael Monestime, Central Square Business Association (expires Sept 25, 2019)  
Recent former members:  
Brian Dacey, Cambridge Innovation Center Jeffrey Lockwood, Novartis/Kendall Square Association
Eric Hoke, Resident, Neighborhood 9 Rev. Leslie K. Sterling, St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church
Jackie Douglas, LivableStreets Alliance Phineas Baxandall, Resident, Riverside
John DiGiovanni, Harvard Square Business Association Karen Dumaine, Alewife Transportation Management Association
Joseph Maguire, Alexandria Real Estate Equities Doug Manz, HYM Investment Group
George Metzger, Central Square Business Association Susan Pacheco, Cambridge Council on Aging
Simon Shapiro, Cambridge Local First Ritesh Warade, Resident, Cambridge Highlands
Marcus Goodwin, Resident, Mid-Cambridge/TransitScreen (expires Sept 25, 2019)  

Vision Zero Advisory Committee (updated Feb 17, 2018)
Nicholas Dard (expires Apr 2, 2019) Amy Flax, Cambridge Bicycle Committee (expires Apr 2, 2019)
Anne Kreider (expires Apr 2, 2019) Rebecca Wolfson, Boston Cyclists Union (expires Apr 2, 2019)
Jennifer Quick (expires Apr 2, 2019) Sean Pierce, Cambridge Pedestrian Committee (expires Apr 2, 2019)
Peter Kuhlmann (expires Apr 2, 2019) Jim Gascoigne, Cambridge Transit Advisory Committee (expires Apr 2, 2019)
Stephen Varrichio (expires Apr 2, 2019) Michael Muehe, Cambridge Commission for Persons with Disabilities (expires Apr 2, 2019)
Wendy Landman, WalkBoston (expires Apr 2, 2019) Richard Fries, Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition (expires Apr 2, 2019)
Michele Trifiro, Leslie Univ. (expires Apr 2, 2019) Stacy Thompson, Livable Streets Alliance (expires Apr 2, 2019)
Diane Gray, Harvard (expires Apr 2, 2019) Nathanael Fillmore, Cambridge Bicycle Safety (expires Apr 2, 2019)
Todd Robinson, MIT (expires Apr 2, 2019) Steve Crossley, Cambridge Chamber of Commerce (expires Apr 2, 2019)
Recent former members:

Water Board (updated May 12, 2017) - 5 members
Ann C. Roosevelt, President (June 13, 2019) Kathleen Kelly (expires Sept 26, 2021)
James A. Burruss (expires Jan 30, 2022) Jason Marshall (expires Sept 26, 2021)
Richard Johnson (expires Jan 30, 2022)  
Recent Members:  
James C. Tanner, Jr. (expires Sept 30, 2017) Philip M. Weinberg

Finite-Term Boards & Commissions now decommissioned
Central Square Advisory Committee 2011 - short-term committee appointed for 2011-2012 as part of the Kendall Square/Central Square (K2C2) Planning Study conducted within the Community Development Department in conjunction with Goody Clancy.
This Board is no longer constituted, but is listed here for reference.
Patrick W. Barrett III (Sean Casey LLC ) Gavin W. Kleespies (Resident)
Anya Alexandra Bear (MIT) Robin Lapidus (Central Square Business Association)
Mark Boyes-Watson (Resident) Morris Naggar (3MJ Realty)
Kathryn Lachelt Brown (Forest City) Heather Nelson (Resident)
Kara Cournoyer (Novartis) Ahmed Nur (Planning Board/Resident)
Susan Fleischmann (CCTV) Patrick Rowe (MIT)
Josh Gerber (1369 Coffeehouse) Loryn Sheffner (Resident)
Randa Ghattas (Resident) Michael Simon (Central Property Owner)
Nicholas Haney (Intercontinental Real Estate) Saul Tannenbaum (Resident)
Esther Hanig (Resident) Gail Willett (Resident)
Ming-Tai Huh (Resident)  
For more information about the K2C2 study, please contact Iram Farooq at or 617/349-4606. The Community Development Department TTY line is 617/349-4621.

Kendall Square Advisory Committee - short-term committee appointed for 2011-2012 as part of the Kendall Square/Central Square (K2C2) Planning Study conducted within the Community Development Department in conjunction with Goody Clancy.
This Board is no longer constituted, but is listed here for reference.
Olufolakemi Alalade (resident) Jeff Lockwood (Novartis)
Barbara Broussard (resident) Joe Maguire (Alexandria)
Kelley Brown (MIT, Campus Planning) Maureen McCaffrey (MIT, Investment Management Co.)
Michael Cantalupa (Boston Properties) Travis McCready (Kendall Square Association)
Peter Calkins (Forest City) Peter Reed (Ambit Creative)
Conrad Crawford (resident) Helen Rose (resident)
Brian Dacey (Cambridge Innovation Center)    Brian Spatocco (resident)
Elizabeth Dean-Clower (resident) Dylan Tierney (resident)
Richard Holton (resident) Joe Tulimieri (Cambridge Redevelopment Authority)
Mark Jacobson (Ice Skating and Canoe) Alex Twining (Twining Properties)

Early Education Services Task Force (added Feb 7, 2014)
This task force is expected to issue findings and recommendations no later than June 2015.
Richard C. Rossi, City Manager MaryAnn MacDonald, Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Education
Jeffrey Young, Superintendent of Schools Lisa Peterson, Deputy City Manager
Donna Cabral, Director,
Somerville Cambridge Head Start Program
Megan Postal, Project Coordinator,
Early Years Project, Guidance Center/Riverside
Louis DePasquale,
Assistant City Manager, Finance
Ellen Semonoff, Assistant City Manager,
Human Services
Katy Donovan, Director,
Peabody Terrace Children's Center
Claire Spinner, Chief Financial Officer,
School Department
Lei-Anne Ellis, Human Services Division Head for ChildCare and Family Support Services Nancy Tauber, Executive Director,
Family Policy Council
Jeana Franconi, City Budget Director Carolyn Turk,
Deputy Superintendent of Schools
Lori Likis, Chief Planning Officer,
School Department



Outdoor Lighting Municipal Ordinance Task Force (appointed Dec 2, 2013)
Short-term task force expected to complete by Spring 2014
Carol Lynn Alpert, Resident Denise Jillson, Business - Harvard Square Business Assn.
Gavin Kleespies, Resident Tom Saidnawey, Business - Pemberton Farms
Charles Teague, Resident Chris Basler, Community Development
Bob Woodbury, Resident Andrea Boyer, License Commission
Peter Calkins, Business - Forest City    Steve Lenkauskas, City Electrician
David Chilinski, Business - PCA Ranjit Singanayagam, ISD Commissioner

Net Zero Task Force (appointed Dec 16, 2013)
Short-term task force expected to complete by end of 2014
Mike Connolly, Resident and Net Zero Petitioner Bill Kane, Business/Property Owner/Developer - BioMed Realty
Henrietta Davis, Resident Caitriona Cooke, Subject Matter Expert - Housing energy efficiency
Barun Singh, Resident Paul Lyons, Subject Matter Expert - Solar energy
Andrea Love, Resident Michael Davis, Subject Matter Expert - Boston Society of Architects
Julie Newman, University/Climate Compact - MIT Sustainability Office Marc Hoffman, Subject Matter Expert - Energy economist and policy expert
Heather Henriksen, University/Climate Compact - Harvard University Sustainability Office Jane Carbone, Subject Matter Expert - Affordable housing energy efficiency
Tom Sieniewicz, Cambridge Planning Board Shawn Hesse, Subject Matter Expert - LEED and Living Building challenge architect
Joseph Maguire, Business/Property Owner/Developer - Alexandria Real Estate  

Traffic Board
This Board, previously mandated by state law until it was quietly abolished in the dead of night, did not have any members for many years. Authority: Special Act of the Massachusetts Legislature, Chapter 455 of the Acts of 1961. Purpose: To hold a public hearing upon petition of 50 registered voters relative to any rule or regulation proposed to be adopted, altered or repealed and not yet in effect and approve or disapprove the proposed action. Available to the traffic director for advice and consultation. Membership: 3 members

Volpe Working Group (updated Oct 3, 2016)
Peter Crawley (Resident: East Cambridge) Renae Gray (Resident: Port/Area 4)
Gerald O’Leary (Resident: East Cambridge/Kendall Square) Esther Hanig (Resident: Port/Area 4)
Steven LaMaster (Resident: Wellington-Harrington) Chris Barr (Business: Biogen)
Brian Dacey (Business: Kendall Square Assoc. and Cambridge Innovation Center) Hugh Russell (Planning Board)
Kathy Born (Cambridge Redevelopment Authority)