Cambridge InsideOut - November 17, 2015

Final Official Election Results (Nov 13, 2015) - including all ballots

City Council (in order of election)
Nadeem Mazen
Denise Simmons
David Maher
Jan Devereux
Tim Toomey
Craig Kelley
Leland Cheung
Marc McGovern
Dennis Carlone

Incumbent Dennis Benzan is defeated

School Committee (in order of election)
Patty Nolan
Fred Fantini
Richard Harding
Kathleen Kelly
Manikka Bowman
Emily Dexter

Incumbent Fran Cronin is defeated

Full Final Official Election Results (Nov 13, 2015) - City Council & School Committee

City Council #1 Vote Distribution by Ward/Precinct (PDF)

School Committee #1 Vote Distribution by Ward/Precinct (PDF)

Map of Cambridge Wards & Precincts (PDF)

Alternate measures of Popularity - 2015 City Council Election (PDF)

2015 City Council #2 Vote Distribution - Slates and Viable Candidates (PDF)

City Council Changes from 2013 to 2015 by Ward/Precinct (PDF)

Note 1: On Tuesday night, Nov 3, the Election Commission announced the preliminary winners in the order of election.

Note 2: On Wednesday, Nov 4, hundreds of additional "auxiliary ballots" were scrutinized for voter intent and then included with the Tuesday ballots to determine the "Unofficial Results". This produced the same winners, though in the City Council race the order in which candidates were elected changed.

Note 3: On Friday, Nov 13, the Final Results were determined when a small number of overseas absentee ballots and provisional ballots were examined. This resulted in an additional 8 ballots for each of the City Council and School Committee races. The margins in both the City Council and School Committee elections were such that there was no realistic possibility that the candidates elected would change, though the order in which Craig Kelley (6th) and Leland Cheung (7th) were elected was reversed.

Full Unofficial Election Results (Nov 4, 2015) - City Council & School Committee
Full Preliminary Election Results (Nov 3, 2015) - City Council & School Committee

Cambridge Wards & Precincts

Sample of ballot data (City Council):
000403-00-0083,10011,001,1) C08[1],C02[2],C03[3],C10[4],C06[5],C15[6],C22[7],C21[8],C23[9]
000403-00-0085,10013,001,1) C19[1],C15[2],C12[3]
000403-00-0087,10009,001,1) C12[1],C01[2],C14[3],C03[4],C20[5],C10[6],C11[7],C15[8],C16[9],C17[10],C18[11],C19[12],C21[13],C22[14],C23[15],C02[16],C04[17],C05[18],C06[19],C07[20],C08[21],C09[22]
000403-00-0089,10007,001,1) C08[1],C01[2],C03[3],C10[4],C06[5],C15[6],C22[7],C21[8],C14[9]
000403-00-0090,10008,001,1) C02[1],C04[2],C08[3],C06[4],C22[5],C14[6],C21[7]
000403-00-0091,10006,001,1) C23[1],C12[2],C20[3],C09[4]
000403-00-0093,10005,001,1) C02[1]
000403-00-0094,10021,001,1) C21[1]
000403-00-0097,10001,001,1) C03[1],C05[2]
000403-00-0099,10000,001,1) C01[1],C02[2],C03[3],C04[4],C05[5],C06[6],C07[7],C08[8],C09[9],C10[10],C11[11],C12[12],C13[13],C14[14],C15[15],C16[16],C17[17],C18[18],C19[19],C20[20],C21[21],C22[22],C23[23]
000403-00-0101,10022,001,1) C23[1],C01[2],C02[3],C03[4],C04[5],C05[6],C06[7],C07[8],C08[9],C09[10],C10[11],C11[12],C12[13],C13[14],C14[15],C15[16],C16[17],C17[18],C18[19],C19[20],C20[21],C21[22],C22[23]
000403-00-0102,10018,001,1) C14[1],C21[2],C03[3],C01[4],C10[5],C12[6],C19[7],C20[8],C02[9],C15[10]
000403-00-0105,10019,001,1) C19[1],C15[2],C01[3],C20[4]
000403-00-0106,10017,001,1) C21[1],C01[2],C03[3],C14[4]
000403-00-0108,10016,001,1) C21[1],C19[2],C03[3],C14[4],C08[5]
000403-00-0109,10015,001,1) C14[1],C06[2],C05[3],C09[4],C11[5],C21[6],C03[7],C02[8],C16[9],C08[10],C04[11],C19[12],C15[13],C17[15],C18[16],C20[17],C22[18],C23[19],C13[20],C12[21],C10[22],C01[23]
000403-00-0110,10014,001,1) C21[1],C15[2],C03[3],C12[4]

Council 2013 Election - transfer reports

Election 2013 popularity (rankings from ballot data)

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2015 Cambridge Pre-Election Fun Facts

Lynch Family Skate Park
Grand Opening on Saturday, November 14, 10:00am to 3:00pm

Lynch Family Skate Park

Middle East at Brookline St

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Naggar building

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