2003 Cambridge Municipal Election

The Cambridge Candidate Pages

     Visit www.rwinters.com/vote for a guide to all of this year's candidates for Cambridge City Council and School Committee. The topics on which the candidates were asked to express themselves are:
Cambridge City Council Cambridge School Committee
Background; Housing; Quality of Life; Municipal Finance & Government; Environment and Public Health; Land Use, Planning, Development, and Transportation; University Relations; Civic participation; Cambridge Public Schools. Background; Role of the School Committee; Elementary School Consolidation; Restructuring of the High School; Academic Excellence and Goals for the Cambridge Public Schools; School Budget; MCAS; Civic participation.
     In addition to the candidate statements, there are photos, contact information, links to websites, and more. Please tell your friends and neighbors to visit www.rwinters.com/vote to learn about the candidates.
     There will also be a ballot question on rent control on the Nov 4 Cambridge ballot. Read more about this at these sites:     

FOR Rent Control (link no longer exists)
(Committee for Cambridge Rent Control - CCRC) 

AGAINST Rent Control (link no longer exists)
(Cambridge Homeowners Coalition - CHC)

Just in case you were wondering, we don't do endorsements here.
Read what all the candidates have to say, check out the Scoreboard, and decide for yourself.

Boston Globe City Weekly election preview (Nov 2) - by Mary Hurley

The Cambridge Candidate Pages
(in their own words)

Candidate List
There were 20 candidates for City Council and 8 candidates for School Committee.

Cambridge Election Results
Note: All results derived from actual ballot data.

2003 Count - Cambridge City Council (PDF)

2003 Count - Cambridge School Committee (PDF)

Distribution of votes by precinct
(City Council)

Distribution of votes by precinct
(School Committee)

#2 Vote Distribution (City Council)

#2 Vote Distribution (School Committee)

  City Council Horse Races  

  School Committee Horse Races  

Distribution of votes by precinct (Rent Control Ballot Question)

Elected to the City Council (in order): Anthony Galluccio, Henrietta Davis, Michael Sullivan, Marjorie Decker, Brian Murphy, Tim Toomey, Ken Reeves, David Maher, and Denise Simmons.

Elected to the School Committee (in order): Nancy Walser, Fred Fantini, Marc McGovern, Ben Lummis, Richard Harding, and Joe Grassi.

The Rent Control Initiative Petition was defeated by a 61.4% to 38.6% margin - 7832 votes in favor and 12467 votes opposed. This lopsided defeat probably marks the permanent end of rent control as an issue in Cambridge.

DeBergalis Suffers Narrow Election Defeat
 (Harvard Crimson)

Sorting Through "The Count"
(Harvard Crimson)

McGovern, Lummis Gain Spots
 (Harvard Crimson)

Rent Control Handily Defeated
 (Harvard Crimson)

For the PR Junkies amongst you, the "random draw of precincts" took place on Tuesday, Oct 29. This determines the ordering of ballots for redistribution during the PR Count. There are now 33 precincts.
 1. 6-3  6. 11-3 11. 9-1 16. 10-3 21. 2-3 26. 6-1 31. 2-1
 2. 1-1  7. 5-2 12. 6-2 17. 11-1 22. 4-3 27. 8-3 32. 5-3
 3. 7-2  8. 8-2 13. 7-1 18. 3-1 23. 3-2 28. 5-1 33. 10-2
 4. 9-2  9. 11-2 14. 8-1 19. 2-2 24. 1-3 29. 10-1
 5. 4-1 10. 1-2 15. 7-3 20. 9-3 25. 4-2 30. 3-3