Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT Concourse Program (Fall 2011-present)

Harvard University Extension School (Fall 2001-present)

Harvard Summer School (2000-present)

Robert Winters Robert Winters

Concourse Program courses (MIT)

Math 18.02 Concourse (Fall 2019)

Math 18.03 Concourse (Spring 2019)

Harvard Extension School courses

Math E-21a - Multivariable Calculus (Fall 2019)

Math E-21b - Linear Algebra (Spring 2019)

Harvard University Summer School courses

Math S-21b - Linear Algebra & Differential Equations (Summer 2019)

In the Past:

Wellesley College Mathematics Department (1982-85, 1991-94, 2001-06, 2008-11)

Brandeis Mathematics Department (Spring 2007-Spring 2008)

Harvard Mathematics Department (1994-2001, Fall 2006)

Robert Winters

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