Michael Sullivan

Michael A. Sullivan
2003 Candidate for Cambridge City Council

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42 Huron Ave.
Cambridge MA 02138

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I was elected Mayor of Cambridge in January 2002, having served on the Cambridge City Council since 1994. Before being elected to the Council I was an Assistant Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as well as an Assistant District Attorney for Middlesex County. I am a graduate of the Martin L. King, Jr. Elementary School on Putnam Avenue, Boston College High School, Boston College and Boston College Law School. My wife Denise and I have two sons, Michael, Jr. who is 4 years old and Paul who is three years old.

I have made the housing squeeze a top priority. In the past eight years, Cambridge has invested $200 million, with leverage capacity, in affordable housing - more than any city or town in Massachusetts. The result? More than 2,000 affordable units created or preserved. The high cost of housing remains an urgent issue - for the elderly, young families, for low- and moderate income individuals. I am leading the way with an innovative new proposal to expand our supply of housing for moderate and middle income households as well.

Quality of Life:
As a former prosecutor, I care about making sure Cambridge is a place we can all feel safe, secure and comfortable - in our homes, schools, parks and public places. I know that when it comes to public safety you can prevent a lot of big problems if you take care of the little things right away, whether it is fixing a broken sidewalk, replacing a missing street sign or renovating an aging tot lot. On a broader issue I have lobbied Congress for Cambridge to receive more than $800,000 for homeland security - money the city will invest in vital rescue and advanced life support vehicles.

Municipal Finance & Government:
No response.

Environment and Public Health:
I am active in preserving the environmental treasures that this city has to offer, including the Alewife Reservation. I have been a supporter of the Friends of Alewife for along time, participating in various events throughout the year. I have participated in clean-ups, have supported city improvement projects and encourage efforts to work with Belmont and Arlington and various environmental groups to share Cambridge's Alewife Reservation area.

Land Use, Planning, Development, and Transportation:
I am interested in using zoning and other land use planning tools to assist people of moderate and middle income to find affordable housing in Cambridge I have pledged to coordinate and facilitate the review of public policy issues facing the City including housing, transportation, economic development and employment and have coordinated the analysis and development of important public policy initiatives. I continue to work with Cambridge seniors and the City Manager in an effort to address their areas of concern while maintaining the high level of services provided through our Senior Centers and the resources.

University Relations:
Under my leadership the city has created a new standing committee on university relations. This committee strives to establish the need for good relationships between the neighbors and the universities, sharing of long-range plans and creative ideas related to in lieu of tax payments to the city.

Civic participation:
What makes Cambridge a world class city is its people, its history, its institutions and its various businesses. Cambridge has so much to offer to local residents, employers and visitors. And there are wonderful opportunities for people to give back to the city. I encourage citizens to look at programs such as Cambridge School Volunteers, opportunities to serve on various boards and neighborhood associations. And businesses to continue to support our schools, our community and our human services programs.

Cambridge Public Schools:
I worked with the School Committee and staff to conduct an efficient search for a new Superintendent of Schools who is committed to a quality education for all students. I am pleased of the cooperation with the Acting Superintendent and her leadership team, School Committee and parents in developing a school consolidation plan that addressed decades old unresolved issues in our educational system that will lead to a system providing every child with the necessary tools to achieve one's maximum potential.

I have focused much of my time and efforts promoting literacy initiatives, including the "Let's Talk" Campaign, "Share A Book Anytime Anywhere" Initiative and the Back Pack Express mailing encouraging home based literacy. To support these initiatives I have read at numerous pre-school programs and invited students to City Hall.

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