Nov 18, 2009 - The Replacements (2009) - Using the 2009 ballot data and the same ChoicePlusPro software used in the Cambridge elections, here are the candidates who would replace each of this year's elected candidates in the event of a vacancy:

City Council Replacements
Leland Cheung - Minka vanBeuzekom
Henrietta Davis - Larry Ward
Marjorie Decker - Larry Ward
Craig Kelley - Minka vanBeuzekom
David Maher - Eddie Sullivan
Ken Reeves - Larry Ward
Sam Seidel - Larry Ward
Denise Simmons - Larry Ward
Tim Toomey - Eddie Sullivan
         School Committee Replacements
Fred Fantini - Joe Grassi
Richard Harding - Charles Stead
Marc McGovern - Alan Steinert
Patty Nolan - Alan Steinert
Nancy Tauber - Joe Grassi
Alice Turkel - Alan Steinert