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Robert Winters is regarded as "The Premier Observer of Cambridge Government and Politics." He is one of the few who watch Cambridge government.

Most Americans don't think logically. They do not think politically. Winters is an instructor in mathematics. ..... he is referred to as "Professor." Usually people who study math learn to think logically. Logical thinking does not always carry over into other fields.

Winters is unusual in so far as he understands how the proportional voting system works. He is happy to explain it to whoever is interested.

He maintains a web site which consists mostly of government information, for those who are unwilling or unable to find it on the city web pages.

He uses it to ridicule persons with disabilities. Some city officials and a lot of taxpayer funds are appropriated to address bullying in the schools. But these same officials refuse to address bullying by teachers, psychologists or police and politicians.

Winters is a teacher. To persons with disabilities he is an upper class cyber-bully thug. He is admired by most of the academic elitists and the self-centered politicians in Cambridge. He is a sorry case of what is produced by the universities.

Winters explains what he "learned" about "The Final Report of the Cambridge Neighborhood Safety Task Force." issued on Nov. 19, 2007, 19 days late. [As of January 23, 2008, this report is not available online. It is reportedly available at the City Clerk's office.] It was the result of 50 persons who spent 14 months preparing it. He did not say that he read the report. He says he attended the City Council meeting on December 10, 2007 where he heard one councilor explain that some city residents rely on a 9-week city employment program as their only form of employment. It is revealing about how some residents think, but also what being "The Premier Observer of City Government" means.

For people who pay no attention to city government what Winters reports is helpful to understanding one city issue. But when taken into context of other parts of the government what he reports is a drop in the ocean. Thus to some, in fact to many of the upper class residents of Cambridge, many of whom have PhDs, Winters is the most informed. But his perspective is an apologist for the sorry state of local government. He seldom criticizes what goes on. He sees no corruption, and has mild opinions of misguided acts of the city officials.

He never criticizes police abuses and openly ridicules persons with disabilities. Nonetheless for Cambridge he is the One-eyed King in the Land of the Blind.

Roy Bercaw, Jan 23, 2007

Cambridge Censorship (June 2009, as told by R.B.): The President and General Counsel of Harvard University, my landlord, block my emails. One of their lawyers told me not to make complaints to their real estate offices but to the office of the General Counsel. The lawyer assigned was lying to me. I sent emails to their General Counsel who agreed I had that right in a phone conversation. That ended in May 2009. On June 6, 2009 I noticed a threat from a police officer as a comment under one of my videos posted on YouTube July 7, 2008. The video shows a Cambridge police patrol car parked in a bus stop. The officer was having dinner nearby not on an emergency call. Every day since I complained to the Attorney General about the threat Cambridge police or Harvard campus police follow me and try to provoke me. The Attorney General is married to a supervising Cambridge police officer. I learned on June 15, 2009 that the FBI was investigating me again. In May 2009, my comments on the Boston Herald web pages (a public accommodation) were removed allegedly due to violations of guidelines. When I complained one was restored. Interns referred me to a staff writer when three of my comments about the shooting death at a Harvard dorm were removed. Someone unknown to me posted a picture of a man from the city in my YouTube profile. That means that someone is tampering with my YouTube account. That is a felony under US law. On or about December 12, 2008 my name was removed from two neighborhood discussion lists--Riverside and Cambridgeport. My attempts to be put back on were ignored by the former President of the Riverside neighborhood, Larry Adkins. Cambridgeport moderators opened my new access in February 2009. In May 2009 I received messages from the list but was unable to post messages. Last year I was unable to receive or post messages to the Porter Square neighborhood discussion list. No notice there either. They began a new list this year and I now get messages. But I was the target of personal attacks on the Porter Square list, the Cambridgeport discussions and on the Cambridge Chronicle web pages. An FBI informant who maintains a web site about the City of Cambridge ridicules me and others who he believes have disabilities. My account with YouTube (more than 250 videos posted) was shut in August 2008 and my appeals of Fair Use Doctrine were ignored. On April 15, 2009 my YouTube account was re-opened. Emily Rooney, host of the PBS news show, Greater Boston threatened to have me banned from Boston. Cambridge City Councilor and Harvard lawyer, Brian Murphy, who resigned in February 2009 to take a six-figure job with the state used council rules to silence my expression. These are rules that the Council created but ignore at every meeting. An email account I used specially for discussion lists was shut down with no notice and no reason or warning given. My several emails inquiring why have been ignored. That account was re-opened on February 10, 2009. Google Video flagged and blocked four uploaded episodes of a cable access TV show I produced and hosted on CCTV. When I appealed their decision, they agreed to put it back up. But as of this date one remains blocked. In February 2009 a long term producer of documentaries at CCTV told me "There is no such thing as Free Speech." That was the second time someone in Cambridge said that to me.

And the hits keep on coming....

March 4, 2013
Winters was at the forefront of the current environmental outrage which is the Cambridge Machine.

He ran around for years calling himself an environmentalist and fighting for environmental destruction.

Now he is mainstream of the Cambridge Machine.

  - Robert LaTremouille (in the Cambridge Chronicle)

March 4, 2013
Winters is an old man who likes to walk around town with the Big Dogs who like being admired by good ole Petey of Forest City. Winters gets regular meetings with good ole Bobby Healy - meanwhile the citizen's are robbed of decent neighborhood services, strong protection of housing stock and the environment which ole man Winters used to profess he cared about before he turned coated to the machine. He gets so mad if you even mention the budget because the have a AAA rating, so what if the same agency said those mortgages were good. When is comes time to pay Healy and rest for their retirement benefits fit for a King of the old white man club - RWinter's will be there with his hand out.

  - Margaret Myers using the pseudonym "Magslaroche" in the Cambridge Chronicle (which routinely allows anonymous slander posts).

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